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The Long Trail to Vermont

Posted on 2/12/2020 by Brian Kitchens

As a longtime Mad River Glen and Sugarbush skier, I have always admired the locals in the Mad River Valley. Locals have skipped the ‘weekend warrior’ approach and enjoy the lifestyle offered here daily. They're treated to copious amounts of mid-week ski days and experience no traffic along the way. They are part of a vibrant community with access to delicious cuisine, great school systems, and endless preserved natural environment. Always seemed to me like an obvious perfect place to call home. 

Winter view

When I dreamed of living here reality always seemed to sink in. Vermont boasts a harsh climate, job scarcity, and a high cost of living. This is not a recipe for the faint of heart. As an outsider I have always been perplexed with how locals make it work here. Faced with this uncertainty, I packed up my Boston condo, walked the dog on leash for the last time, and I made my way to the Valley with my wife and a dream. 

My experience with the Mad River Valley thus far is a warm welcoming with arms wide open. There is a tremendous amount of collaboration in this community. Locals encourage outreach and partner with one another to orient new full-time residents. Local families who have thrived here for centuries are generous in sharing knowledge. There are tremendous amounts of resources ensuring you thrive as a member of this vibrant community. 


If you are dreaming of moving to the Mad River Valley full time, then my advice is to stop thinking and simply make the leap! There are countless excuses and challenges that you’ll face when considering moving anywhere. Here in the Valley, we take care of one another. Community is present and abundant. If you've ever been here, you understand why this place is so special. There is no other place so balanced in offering community and the possibility of an extraordinary lifestyle. Simply put, it's a long trail and once you arrive, you've made it!


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