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Staying Safe

Posted on 8/25/2020 by Steve Robbins

Staying Safe Buying & Selling Real Estate During a Pandemic

What is the first question folks ask any seasoned real estate agent/broker? “How’s the market”? Right now, the answer is very active. Prospective buyers are abundant, and inventory is low.

But this article is about the underlying condition that affects every part of our lives right now keeping everyone safe while delivering real estate services.

All members of the Vermont Association of REALTORS have benefitted by the receipt of a draft COVID-19 Exposure, Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Plan. Mad River Valley Real Estate adopted the 11-page plan with minor changes. It was developed from mandates set forth by federal and VT state government and provides best practices for any number of circumstances and therefore is a valuable tool for guidance and education.Make sure to ask your favorite REALTOR if they have adopted such a plan.

Many of the basic concepts are now familiar, like avoiding in-person meetings when possible, wearing masks, spatial distancing & meeting outdoors. Like other trades, we all attest to having completed a short course by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). We are taking our temperature every day in the office and cleaning commonly used surfaces many times a day.

For all in person meetings, which especially includes visits to properties, there is a basic questionnaire to determine if it is ok to get together. Best practices call for each and every person in attendance to complete the attached form and return for review prior to arrival.Since completing this form relies on telling the truth, (there is no “enforcement” mechanism) our fate is in our own hands!This means every conversation we have with interested buyers includes questions including wherethey live, if they have travelled from another state and if they are experiencing any of the symptoms listed on the form.

We rely on other licensed agents and brokers to do the same and this process does take a little extra time and planning. It has resulted in some buyers delaying their visit until they have self-isolated and/or tested negative prior to travelling.A very small price to pay to ensure the safety of all.

We are thrilled so many folks are discovering what we have known for a long time; the Mad River Valley is great place to call home!

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