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Our parents at the end

Posted on 9/28/2023 by Steve Robbins

In May, my wife Regina and I traveled to Pinehurst, North Carolina to visit with her dad, George Trail, a few weeks after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

At age 86, George had slowed down from his days of endless, high-level golfing for sure, now using a cane to get around.

But he was also sharp as a tack, full of good humor and in great spirits, especially for someone just about to undertake the process of chemotherapy in preparation for a high-risk surgery.

We spent a wonderful sunny day visiting his favorite spots including his church campus, the famous Pinehurst National Golf Club and favorite brew pub for lunch.

That evening we went out to his favorite restaurant for dinner.

Just hours later, we received word that he was rushed to the hospital, complaining of chest pains. A life-threatening blood clot had entered his lungs. We stayed on hand as the staff performed heroic medical care throughout the night.

In the morning, we joined his wife Sharon, Pastor, and close friends around his bed in the Intensive Care Unit and joined hands with George as Paster John recited the Twenty-Third Psalm.

Moments later, George peacefully slipped away.  

While George’s absence leaves an enormous hole in our lives, we look upon his sudden passing as a blessing. He was surely going to suffer greatly from the medical treatments. We also look upon our very enjoyable last day and especially those heartbreaking last hours with him as a gift.

As was his desire, surrounded by his loving family after the celebration of a great life, we spread some of George’s ashes in the courtyard at his church.

More recently, we spread more under some newly planted apple trees in our yard here in Moretown. 

God speed George.

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