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Got mud?

Posted on 3/21/2022 by Erik H. Reisner

Here it is. One of the least popular seasons in Vermont: Mud Season!

It happens every year and some years are worse than others. Well buckle up friends as we’re in the midst of one of the worst mud seasons in memory. Several roads are literally impassible, and those that are can still be a challenge to navigate. If you can stick to the paved roads as much as possible that will surely save you time, and aggravation, and potential damage to your vehicle.

If however you live on a dirt road, or need to navigate these muddy monstrosities, there are some tips and tricks. Some say “pick a rut and stick with it.” That is, don’t saw your steering wheel back and forth to try to get out of a rut. The result could be a quick turn taking you off the road, or into an oncoming car. Sticking in the rut is also not always the answer as some have gotten so deep that they can bury your car up to its axles.

Option #2: try to stay between the ruts so that you don’t sink in. This is a much more technical way to navigate through the mud, but can potentially keep you out of trouble.

Mud road etiquette: Yield to the vehicle that is going uphill. They need to maintain their momentum in order to get up and crest that hill, while you have gravity on your side.

Mud Season Resources: There’s the obvious call to AAA if you get your rig stuck in the mud but you can also plan ahead and possibly seek alternative routes. One great local resource is Roxbury GapStat on Facebook. This page is updated on a regular basis sharing current road conditions. Some posts are humorous, while others are cautionary.

For anyone out there that’s so sick and tired of Mud Season that you want to sell your home and head to a less muddy location. Give us a call, I bet we can sell your home quickly and for a lot of money!


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