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For Art's Sake!

Posted on 6/15/2020 by Brian Kitchens

In an era of click and ship, knockoffs, and discount high volume goods, the Mad River Valley makes for a welcomed departure for truly appreciating the arts. Demetri Martin, the great American comedian, said it best: “The earth without art is just eh.”

Here in the valley, the arts are simply thriving, and you can experience talented artwork in all different flavors almost anywhere you look!

A longtime anchor fostering the thriving art community here, the Artisan's Gallery in Waitsfield center, boasts over 150 local Vermont artist’s work. Across the way from there is the Madsonian Museum of Industrial Design, paying homage to the ingenuity and appreciation for good design and creativity. And the sourcing of the arts doesn’t just stop there. The valley is home to artistic cuisine from our abundant culinary offerings, timeless and memorable architecture, live music and theatre performances, brilliant photography on display, and countless number of sculptures placed throughout the valley’s landscape. It seems that no matter where you look in the Mad River Valley is a demonstration and reminder that the arts make this thriving community vibrant and extraordinary.

We tip our hats to the talented artists committed to their work and making this community such a unique place to live and visit. Next time you’re here in the valley, take a moment to notice the dense collection of amazing artwork here. It’ll bring a smile to your face and help piece together in your mind what it is that makes the Mad River Valley such a special place to be!

Paint brushes 

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