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A Different State of Mind

Posted on 2/25/2021 by Brian Kitchens

Vermont isn't just a regular 'ol state. It's much, much, more than that. Vermont is not just a place to visit. It's not just a few boundaries around a plot of land. It's one of the oldest states, but that's not quite what makes Vermont so much more than just a state. Vermont can describe a style. 'Made in Vermont' is truly a statement. People know that if it came from here, is here, or will eventually be here, then it must be pretty darn good. Vermont is a state of mind. It's shin deep standing in a cold stream on a hot summer day. It's biting into one of the most delicious and succulent tasting piece of meat fresh off a wood fired coal. Vermont is floating endlessly through new growth forests as if you were flying but rather on 100mm waisted powder skis. It’s a sore back from the most rewarding afternoon moving stones to form a fire pit. A delicious note singing your tastebuds in harmony from a frothy pour of local brew. Sharpening your ax. Sharpening your mind. Vermont is not just a different state. Vermont is a different state of mind.


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